National Workplace Wellbeing Day


Irelands first Workplace Wellbeing Day will take place this Friday, 27th March in Croke Park Conference Centre and across the country employees are getting active and taking part in wellbeing initiatives.
The initiative is supported by the Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC), which is very important considering IBEC are the voice of 7,500 Irish companies in both Ireland and Europe and are a key driver of business policy at a national level.

This is a timely event as new national research commissioned by the Nutrition and Health Foundation shows that Ireland’s workforce wants to get healthy with the help of their employers. 65% of employees recognize the need to consume healthier food and drinks. However, only 30% take the recommended weekly level of exercise, with 40% not active at all during their working day.

Employees understand the importance of regular exercise for themselves, their families and their employers. Employees have realised that preventative is better than detective healthcare.

At Uppiddee, our definition of wellbeing includes physical, mental, community and creative wellbeing and we recognize that wellbeing in the workplace deserves a more analytical and holistic approach.
We have developed a platform that enables people to drive long-term behavioral change by participating in mental and physical activities as individuals, teams or organizations and connecting with and encouraging each other using an interactive enterprise platform. Uppiddee’s platform is also designed to ensure management can measure, maintain and promote long term wellbeing programs while also empowering people to socialize and support each other in each initiative.

At board level, Health and Wellbeing receives differing levels of attention by CEOs and has been regarded as a ‘softer’ or ‘non-core’ item on the business agenda. However, with over 11million days lost annually in Ireland due to absenteeism, at a cost of €1.5bn, a more energized workforce is in everyone’s interest.* In addition, people are living longer, which is translating into longer working lives. Over a third of kids born in the UK today will live to 100 years of age and this generation can expect to work for 60 years.

Recognising early on that there is a need for a more tangible ROI on people investment, we placed an emphasis on intrinsic motivators such as interpersonal relationships, challenge balance, autonomy and real time feedback. We then compare this data to core metrics such as revenue and customer service; so the management team can accurately deduce what financial affect wellbeing programs are having on the bottom line.

Our 60-day “Champions for Health” program will be rolled out in September this year, so click here to enjoy an early-mover advantage and find out more about Uppiddee on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as we profile our product features in more depth over the coming weeks.

*Employee Absenteeism: A Guide to Managing Absence, 2011; Ibec

Aidan Gallagher

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  1. Killian says:

    Great initiative from IBEC.

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