Prevention is always Greater than the Cure

Prevention is greater than the cure

Prevention is greater than the cure

Prevention is always the preferred option. Or at least it should be. That’s why our parents told us to put on our jackets before we went outside as children; it’s why we service our cars and why we charge our phone before we leave the house. Things we do habitually to prevent inconvenience down the line. Too often we don’t recognize the cause and effect when it comes to our health and well-being and we felt this old Chinese tale summed it up nicely.

Three Brothers

There was a famous Chinese doctor, who lived some 4,000 years ago. He was celebrated for his skills and knowledge of medicine and his ability to heal even the most fatal disease. He cured the emperor’s son who was believed dead, in a miraculous exhibition of his skills. The emperor asked why he was so much better than his two brothers, who were also doctors.

He replied, my first brother heals sickness before it even develops, so his methods and skills appear unseen and he is known only within our village. His practice involves giving advice on food, exercise and lifestyle to keep his patients well.

My second brother deals with illnesses while they are chronic or minor, preventing sickness from getting worse and returning the body to health. He cares for his patients through acupuncture and herbs to rebalance them back to good health when they become ill.

I treat diseases when they threaten to destroy the person. This requires several medicines, skill and knowledge in their use. For this reason my name has become famous throughout the kingdom, yet I am simply a surgeon who is called upon when all else fails. My first brother has the knowledge to deal with illness before they arise and my second brother is able to treat them at an early stage and prevent them getting worse. Though my fame has spread throughout the land, their knowledge is greater.

Absenteeism, stress and lifestyle diseases are some of the biggest challenges and costs employers and employees face in today’s workplace. But they are also challenges that can be reduced significantly through putting preventative processes in place.

Uppiddee have developed an interactive enterprise platform that enable managers and their teams to implement health and wellbeing initiatives that are realistic, achievable and engaging, but most importantly aim to achieve lasting behavioral change in your workplace.

Our 60-day “Champions for Health” program will be rolled out in September this year, so click here to enjoy an early-mover advantage and find out more about Uppiddee on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook as we profile our product features in more depth over the coming weeks.

Aidan Gallagher

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